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Are you tired of always being bloated and in pain?

Are you tired of just being tired and exhausted all the time?

Are you limited in how many foods you can tolerate?

Are you feeling anxious most of the time especially when it comes to food and social events? 

Are your hormones out of control? 

Are you struggling to clear up your skin and find the right products that work for you?

Well you've come to the right place, because let me tell you my friend, I've been there!

I'm Sara Servodio, a Clinical Nutritionist & Skin Therapist specialising in digestive health and advanced skin treatments.


But more importantly, I'm also a long term sufferer of chronic digestive issues including IBS, dysbiosis, food intolerance, SIBO & Candida. Not to mention all the other systemic symptoms that go with it like severe anxiety, skin breakouts and hormone imbalance. 

Only a few years ago, I was in a horrible place...I was constantly unwell and in pain, experiencing skin breakouts, severe anxiety attacks, my hormones were out of control, I was down to a very small number of foods and as a result lost an unhealthy amount of weight. I did not feel myself at all, I was unhappy in my own skin and just exhausted! I knew, at this point, I had to make some big changes. 

Luckily for me I was in the right area of study (Nutritional Medicine) and I had all the tools to turn my health around and get back to being myself again. It wasn't an easy journey and I've still got some improving to do (we are all a work in progress right?) but gosh am I a different person these days! 

My digestive symptoms have improved, my immune system is strong, my diet has expanded, I've put on weight, my anxiety in under control, my skin has settled and my cycle has improved too! Hallelula!  

I was always so angry about my experience and often asked, why me? But now I know. And now I'm actually grateful for my experience because it gave me a purpose...

To help you restore your digestive health and get back to living a healthy and happy life! 

Sunshine Coast, QLD

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