Updated: Jul 6, 2019

Blueberries are in my top 3 favourite fruits and to my excitement they are in season and in abundance!!

So why are they so good?

Well firstly, for people with dietary allergies they are the perfect snack as they are low fructose so they are FODMAP friendly!

Secondly, they are great for gut health and most importantly, they contain high amounts of antioxidants which protect the cells in our bodies from free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules that react quickly with other compounds which creates a chain reaction of free radical formation. They disrupt the cell membrane and have the potential to cause disease in the body.

Blueberries are also considered to be anti-angiogenesis which helps to fight cancer. Angiogenesis refers to the growth of blood vessels that cancer rely on for growth. By inhibiting angiogenesis, cancer is starved of its food supply therefore growth is reduced or ultimately stopped completely.

So not only are they amazing for our health but they taste delightful too! This week I created some easy and delicious recipes with blueberries of all forms...frozen, fresh and dried. You can find these all in the recipe tab so go and check them out and remember to share and tag me in your photos on Instagram so I can see what you thought!

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