Updated: Jul 6, 2019

I bet you've often thought...what exactly is a Nutritionist and what do they even do?? Or why would I see a Nutritionist when I can just buy supplements off the shelf??

These are fair questions because quite frankly what we do is not communicated properly!! a Nutritionist myself, I'm about to give you the run-down of what a Nutritionist does and how exactly a Nutritionist can help you balance your health, heal your body and achieve your ultimate health goals and why it is important not to self-prescribe!

As the name not so subtly states, a Nutritionist uses food and nutrition, including nutritional supplementation, to enhance your health and assist you in your healing journey. Nutrition as a modality lies within the 'natural' or 'complimentary' health industry alongside other modalities like naturopathy, homeopathy, chiropractic, herbal medicine etc.

Why Self-Diagnosing & Prescribing is also Self-Harming

There is no one way approach or one treatment protocol for every body or health condition as we are all different and our bodies are unique. You need specialised and individualised care that will be different to that of your mum, brother, sister, dad, friend, partner, neighbour, colleague, aunty, uncle or cousin.This is why it is so important to work with a qualified Nutritionist to ensure you are getting the very best care for your body and taking the right supplements for your health or health condition.

It is really important to understand the potential consequences that self-diagnosing and self-prescribing can cause, even if it's with 'natural' off the shelf supplements. I can't stress this enough!! Just because you can buy vitamins and minerals right off the shelf from your local store does not mean they won't do damage when used without proper knowledge and understanding of Nutrition, disease and the intricate functions of the body.

Vitamins, minerals or herbal formulas are fantastic when used correctly and prescribed by a Nutritionist or other health care practitioner but when used incorrectly through self-prescribing they can have a negative affect and even worsen your health condition or create a new issue!! Like you need that in your life right!?!

So please, please, please, for the love of all things health, don't self-diagnose or prescribe based on what you've read on social media or google, seen on TV or what someone in your family, at work or in your friend circle (without the knowledge or qualification) has told you. Even if they were passing on info they got from their practitioner it does not mean it is right for you too!

How a Nutritionist Can Help You

The list of health conditions a Nutritionist can assist you with is enormous and never ending! Just some examples are IBS, SIBO or other digestive disorders, weight management, immune health, menopause symptoms, fatty liver, diabetes, auto-immune conditions, food allergies/sensitivities, chronic fatigue, stress, anxiety, sleep disturbance, prenatal and pregnancy, skin disorders, cardiovascular health, asthma and other respiratory conditions and some will also provide care for cancer. Dealing with health as a collective, as you can see, incorporates a myriad of different conditions which is why many Nutritionists decide to specialise in a particular area of health or a specific health condition.

Due to my own personal health story (which I will share with you all in good time), I chose to specialise in gut health, more specifically IBS, SIBO & food intolerance or sensitivities, and their usual companion, anxiety. If you have persistent digestive symptoms, anxiety or you have already been diagnosed with IBS but not getting results or don't know what to do to heal it please contact me, I would love to help you get your health back on track so you can have the best quality of life possible!

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