What is Comedogenic?

The word comedogenic simply means something that causes comedones by blocking pores. Comedones is the scientific word given to pimples. 

There are two types of comedones (aka blackheads) and closed comedones (aka whiteheads). Acne can present with one or both types of comedones along with other classifications like cysts, papules, pustules and nodules. 

If a product is termed non-comedogenic, it has been tested to not cause or aggravate acne and is therefore safe to use on your skin. If you have sensitive skin or you are prone to breakouts it is very important that you only use non-comedogenic products on your skin. This includes skincare, makeup, sunscreen and hair products. If you are unsure if your products are aggravating your skin, book in a private consultation with me here

When you book a consultation with me, I not only assess your nutrition and internal health but I also assess your home care products to ensure they are acne safe. I will also provide you with alternative product options if yours are not safe to use. 

In my treatments I use Roccoco Botanicals which are specifically formulated for acne prone and sensitive skins. They are made from natural ingredients that don't strip or aggravate the skin. The Roccoco range uses plant extracts and herbs to correct skin conditions like acne, rosacea, sun-damage, pigmentation and ageing, while also keeping it strong and healthy.

Contact me for more information on the Roccoco products or to start using these gorgeous products at home. 

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