Why Vitamin C is Essential for your Skin & Health!

If you’re not using a high quality vitamin C on your skin then you might want to get one...stat!

What are antioxidants?

I’m sure you’ve heard the word antioxidant when it comes to skincare and health, well basically antioxidants are a collection of vitamins and minerals that prevent oxidation of our body’s cells. Oxidation is caused by free radicals which damage our cells, causing disease, illness and ageing.

Vitamin A, E, C, Zinc, Copper & Selenium are all antioxidants however I believe vitamin C is the Queen of them all! Vitamin C is an essential nutrient for a large number of functions in the body and the skin and I’ve listed some of them below:

In the skin...

  • It increases the production of ceramides in the skin - ceramides play a big role in the defence and support of the skin barrier. This also reduces transepidermal water loss (dehydration) increasing the hydration of the skin and maintaining the Ph. Ceramides are essential in treatment of barrier impaired, irritated, dry and dehydrated skins.

  • It is a potent antioxidant essential for reducing oxidation and cell damage therefore preventing disease and premature ageing.

  • Essential for the production of collagen & elastin for healthy, youthful, strong & resilient skin. Collagen & Elastin are also essential for wound healing and skin repair.

In the body...

  • It maintains healthy immune function by supporting white blood cells and antibody response. The immune system is greatly compromised when there is insufficient vitamin C.

  • It can not be stored in the body therefore deficiencies can develop quickly and supplementation is necessary.

  • It can regenerate oxidised vitamin E in the body so it keeps our vitamin E levels healthy.

  • It maintains healthy cholesterol levels, a healthy heart, blood vessels and circulation.

  • It protects our cells from oxidation and damage thus reducing disease and illness.

  • It helps to reduce the severity and duration of colds.

  • It keeps our capillaries (tiny blood vessels) healthy.

How to choose the right vitamin C product

When you are choosing a topical vitamin C for your skin or a vitamin C supplement it is important to purchase something of high quality to ensure you are getting the right form and amount of vitamin C without all the harmful additives and fillers. Purchasing from a practitioner gives you the comfort of knowing you have purchased a high quality product.

I use and recommend Roccoco Botanicals skincare products as they have a range of active serums containing vitamin C for all different skin types.

When it comes to supplemental vitamin C, I use and recommend Biomedica products. They are a practitioner only range which means their products are TGA approved and contain high quality ingredients without fillers and additives. They have two different forms of vitamin C, a capsule and a powder (which tastes amazing!) and they include other essential & synergistic antioxidants like vitamin A, E and zinc.

Can you get vitamin C from foods?

Yes, vitamin C is also present in many foods that you can incorporate into your diet including, papaya, citrus fruits, strawberries, spinach, kale, rockmelon, tomatoes, capsicums, parsley, broccoli, red cabbage, radish, lychees, persimmon and brussel sprouts. Keep in mind though, vitamin C can be destroyed by heat so cooking will reduce the amounts in your food. Lightly steaming your vegetables is the best way to protect their nutrients.

As part of my daily routine to keep my skin glowing and my body healthy, I include vitamin C rich foods, take a vitamin C supplement and use a topical vitamin C serum.

If you would like a private consultation to find out how you can increase your health, reduce your risk of illness and keep your skin healthy, contact me via email - or via phone 0413 702 375.

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